Free Printable Bedtime Routine Chart

Children benefit from a nighttime routine.  Here is a chart I use with my son.  I laminated the chart (or you can print on card stock) and added Velcro dots for each picture.  Then he uses a picture of himself to track what step he's on.  Bedtime has gone a lot smoother since I started him on this chart. Click the picture for download.

Download Bedtime Routine Chart Here

Sensory Activities

Monthly Sensory Bins

I-Spy Sensory Bin
Pond Sensory Bin
Sea Creatures Sensory Bin

Beach Sensory Bin
Toy Search
Water Bottle Treasures
Animal Search Game

Pretend Play

Pretend Muffins

Pretend Play: Pond
Pretend Play: Sea Creatures

Pretend Play: Car Wash

Beach Sensory Bin
Recycled Play House
Dinosaur Pretend Play

 Build a SuperFort!

Pretend Muffins

H loves to make muffins with me in the morning, so I set up a little extra "cooking" time while our real muffins were baking.

You Need:

  • fake eggs and egg carton
  • empty muffin box
  • spoon and whisk
  • bowl and measuring cup
  • muffin tin and wrappers
  • animal crackers

Spring Flowers Color Match Game

You Need:

  • construction paper 
  • laminator (or use card stock if you don't want to laminate)
  • markers
  • velcro
  • flower printable

DIY: 20 Minute Reupholstery Project


You need: flea market bench or chair, staple gun with staples and screw driver

1. Turn the bench or chair upside down and look for the screws holding the seat in place.  There are usually four. 

2. Take out previous staples with a screw driver.  For stubborn staples, finish pulling them out with pliers.  

My bench had two layers of fabric.  Since the next layer was thin, I left it on.  If you remove all fabric, there will be a foam pad.  Leave it in place if it's in good shape still. Otherwise buy a replacement at a local craft store.

3. Lay your new fabric wrong side up on the floor.  Place your seat topside down.

4. Using your staple gun, place one staple in the middle of one of the sides of fabric.

5. Pulling fabric tight, repeat on the opposite side. Secure both sides down with several staples.

6. Repeat step 5 on the remaining sides.

7. On the corners, tuck them so the fabric doesn't fold over too much on the front.  Staple all four corners in place.

8. Now screw the seat back in.  Unless the fabric is really thick, the screws will create holes in the fabric on their own.

Sit down and enjoy your new bench!
Use the same steps on dining room and desk chairs!

I-Spy Sensory Bin

Picture Match I-Spy
You Need:

  • black beans
  • black felt
  • stickers
  • cardboard
  • bin
H dug through the uncooked beans to find matching animal pictures to place on his chart.  Simply stick the stickers on a piece of felt and cut around.  Attach the matching stickers to a piece of paper or cardboard.

Letter Match I-Spy
You Need:

Label rocks with the alphabet.  Have your little one dig through the beans to find the letters and match them on the ABC printable. 


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