Second Chance by Jane Green and The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner

Second Chance by Jane Green
There are still quite a few books on my to do list that I have not gotten around to finishing, mostly because I get easily sidetracked by love stories and juicy gossip...I did finish another Jane Green, probably my least favorite of hers because it was a bit depressing, but it got better toward the middle. It was called Second Chance about the lives of friends that drifted apart after high school and reunited after one of them was killed in a terrorist attack. I'm not one to mix murder and books but hey, some people are. I pretty much like books short and sweet if you haven't noticed. 3.5/5

The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner
Right now I am in the middle of Jennifer Weiner's The Guy Not Taken which so far seems to be a collection of short stories, I can't tell if she will weave them together at the end or not. Hopefully she will...and by the way her name is pronounced Viner... 2.5/5

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