30 Books in 2009

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  1. do hard things by alex and brett harris (christian fiction)
  2. 90 minutes in heaven by don piper (christian non-fiction)
  3. remember me by sophie kinsella* (chick lit)
  4. boy meets girl by meg cabot (chick lit)
  5. esther by beth moore (christian non-fiction)
  6. every boy's got one by meg cabot (chick lit)
  7. baby proof by emily giffin* (chick lit)
  8. the uncommon woman by susie larson (christian non-fiction)
  9. love the one you're with by emily giffin* (chick lit)
  10. witch's sister by phyllis reynolds naylor* (teen fiction)
  11. the giver by lois lowry* (teen fiction)
  12. gathering blue by lois lowry (teen fiction)
  13. babyville by jane green (chick lit)
  14. straight talking by jane green* (chick lit)
  15. going for the bronze by sloane tanen (humor)
  16. sewing for dummies by janice maresh* (sewing)
  17. sleeping arrangements by madeleine wickham (chick lit)
  18. the phantom tollbooth by norton juster* (teen fiction)
  19. bookends by jane green* (chick lit)
  20. harry potter and the goblet of fire by j.k. rowling (teen fiction)
  21. mr. maybe by jane green* (chick lit)
  22. second chance by jane green (chick lit)
  23. fantastic mr. fox by roald dahl* (teen fiction)
  24. the enormous crocodile by roald dahl (kids fiction)
  25. the guy not taken by jennifer weiner (chick lit)
  26. lost deep thoughts by jack handy (humor)
  27. the gatecrasher by madeleine wick ham (chick lit)
  28. no more kidney stones by john roman (health)
  29. don't sweat the small stuff by richard carlson (christian non-fiction)
  30. twenties girl by sophie kinsella (chick lit)

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