Beth Moore Books and Bible Studies

I have read several Beth Moore Bible Studies and although they are lots of homework each week, I have always enjoyed them.  There are videos that accompany the books, but you don't have to see them to do the study.  If you want to download them go here.  She's really funny and down to earth so I enjoy reading her stuff. I recommend it for all women because it is great for personal spiritual reflection.

So Long Insecurity: book about being secure in Christ and using that confidence to glorify God in your daily life.

Whispers of Hope: daily planner with weekly Bible study, good for quick focus each week
Loving Well: Learn to love smartly, not blindly. There are four types of people you learn how to love: your friends, those who irritate you, your enemies and those you'll never meet. 
Esther: Complete historical and Biblical breakdown of each chapter in the book of Esther.  Relate this book to your life and learn how to be a strong woman!

James: Another complete breakdown of book of James.  The brother of Jesus gives you basic instructions for living a good life. 
James: Mercy Triumphs--Leader DVD Kit

Breaking Free: Study on strongholds and learning how to break out of the cycle of destructive behavior

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