Notes from the Underbelly by Risa Green & The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Notes From the Underbelly by Risa Green
I have finished book #13 on my way to reading 30 books this year. My friend Renee brought me a book to read, Notes from the Underbelly by Risa Green and I finished it in a week. I really enjoyed the book because it was funny and easy to read, but I didn't realize it was part one of two, so I was disappointed that the end didn't wrap everything up into a nice package! The book is about a woman named Lara whose husband wants to start trying for a baby and she's not too keen on the idea. But they end up getting pregnant anyway and the book is mostly about her nine months of pregnancy. By the end of the book I expected some gross labor chapter, but it sets you up to read her next book, Tales from the Crib, about how she deals with motherhood and how not everyone is a natural. So I guess that one's next on my list! 3.5/5

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Also, my friend Melissa let me borrow The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan, which is similar to Harry Potter, in that it is about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds out he is a demigod, Poseidon's son, living in our modern world. It's a TEEN book, which I still like reading because you can zip right through them. It is the first in a series so I will be starting on the second one as well. There was a movie that came out recently on this book, but I'll probably avoid that for as long as possible because it looked SO cheesy. We'll see. 3.5/5

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