The Other Woman & Dune Road by Jane Green, The Strength of His Hand by Lynn Austin, Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble

The Other Woman by Jane Green is a great novel--but I'd really only recommend it if you have a mother in law, otherwise it may not be relatable. Very funny at times, others sad, I am looking forward to Jane Green's next book which was just released, Promises to Keep. 4/5

Strength of His Hand by Lynn Austin
This is book three in the Chronicles of the King series. I've never been interested in Christian fiction, but I love that this is the author's interpretation of what happened in Biblical times based on the Bible and historical research--all put into a nice neat series. Historical Christian fiction is very interesting to me. This is about King Hezekiah's reign and leads into his son's reign for the next book. I love these books! 5/5

Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
One of my most favorite authors as a kid was Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I read through her entire Alice series and Witch series. As a children's author myself =) I like to read through books my favorite children's authors are still writing. This was a creepy kid's novel. It is set in the 1800s I think and is about a girl who has to go and live with her uncle who doesn't allow anything green in the house.  Her Witch series is 10 times better.  3/5

The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble
The Friendship Test is by a new author I am trying out, I read her bestseller, The Reading Group and enjoyed it. Noble likes to have multiple story lines at once in her novels, so pay close attention. This about a group of women who are friends and the things they go through with each other and in spite of each other... 3/5

Dune Road by Jane Green
Dune Road is a book about a girl who gets a job working as an assistant for a famous local the style of Jane Green, read about their relationship and the mysterious past that he seems to be hiding... 4/5

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