Dallas Art Museum

Our view from inside the Cafe

Our first stop: art = scratched up mirror

H didn't like this show--but I thought it was similar to Baby Einstein videos...

1550-1070 BC: Canopic Jars: hold mummy's lungs, liver, intestines and stomach--GROSS!

19th Dynasty or later: Mummy and Cartonage--this held a woman at one point

656-332 BC: Coffin of Horankh

Shaman's staff made from caribou antler: Alaska mid 19th century

It had a creepy little face on the top...

Found in New Mexico from 1000- 1150 AD: You can see how they pieced this together--it would be fun to discover something like this!

Just hanging out--it was cold in the museum!

1850 Rembrandt!  Painting of George Washington

1786: Jean-Antoine Houdon's bust of George Washington

A HUGE BED from 1844

A giant chair made out of panda bear stuffed animals!!

Chairs from the 60's--I might have some stuff at home I could add to this display...

H's first Van Gogh (Riverbank in Springtime 1887)

H's first Picasso

Riding the elevator on the way out
Ready for a nap!


  1. Looks like fun. Wish we could have gone with you. Breanna would've loved it!


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