April: 5 Rainy Day Toddler Activities

1. Paper Bag Costume
H loved this.  Three cut out rectangles and he was ready to play.

2. Superhero Mask
I found these online.  They are super easy--I used felt, elastic, scissors and a sewing machine.

3. Alphabet Fun
If you are following my weekly posts on alphabet activities, I started a binder so that H can look at it later.  Since we do five activities for each letter, during the week I also hang our pictures on a clothesline outside of his door so he can see it.  Once we start a new letter, I add the pictures to the binder.

4. Texture Basket
I covered 9 pieces of cardboard with felt using a glue gun.  Then I glued down different textured items around the house and put them in a basket.  I get these out for H when he gets bored.  He loves to touch each board with his fingers.

5. Sorting Basket
This basket is a mix of different containers I had around the house.  I had some plastic shapes leftover from teaching that I glued buttons and googly eyes to.  You can use anything that is colorful and makes noise when dropped into a cup.  H loves shaking the cups once they are full of shapes.

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