Letter G Week

Riding in a car at the GROCERY store makes shopping much easier

  • put sports stickers on a game printable
  • play peek-a-boo, hide n seek or where's your nose/mouth/eyes?

  • visit your city's botanical gardens
  • plant flowers or seeds
  • pick flowers in your yard and glue them to a garden picture

  • watch a video of a giraffe
  • glue spots and eyes on a giraffe paper
  • walk around with your toddler on your shoulders so they can see up high

  • paint a picture for a grandparent (here's the one we used for grandpa)
  • call/facetime with a grandparent 
  • watch videos/look at pictures of grandparents

  • color a "growing up" picture
  • start a growth chart on your child's doorframe, starting with their birth height
  • watch videos/look at pictures of how your toddler has changed since birth
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