DIY: Busy Book

I made a Busy Book for H when we flew over Christmas break.  I used my sewing machine and made things easier with a lot of help from my hot glue gun!  I used whatever I had on hand plus a pack of felt from Walmart.  If you want more ideas, visit these sites where I found inspiration:

Page 1 and 2
move the fish and answer the phone

Page 3 and 4
open the cases (I used diaper wipes covers) and lift the flaps
Page 5 and 6

lift the flaps, undo the buckles, zipper with bells, velcro the bugs to the frogs

Page 7 and 8
unzip the corn and find the animals (filled with bells, rice, snack bags and lunch sack materials)
I also sell busy books on my etsy store if you aren't the crafty type or don't have the time!


  1. so cute would you consider making these to sell?

    1. just started making some and selling them at my new store if you're still interested!


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