Christian Book Reviews: Grace by Max Lucado & The Story

The Story 
This book is written using actual text from the Bible, but skips over the minor stories, and highlights the major ones. Where events have been skipped, the author uses italics to paraphrase and catch you up to the next scene. This is a good way to read the Bible in one year without having to read through all of those geneologies and tabernacle specifications. In addition, the book includes quick "character" descriptions, historical timelines, maps, and an outline of the scriptural references used.  I read this more from a historical perspective rather than I usually read the Bible; as a counselor for my many needs!  It was nice to think of it as occurring during real events in history.  Sometimes I think I find myself forgetting these stories I grew up with aren't fairy tales--they're a history of God's relationship with his people.  Great for an individual Bible study.  5/5
The Story, NIV: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People

Grace by Max Lucado
I just finished a women's Bible study where we read through this book. It was actually a great way to finish up The Story study I had been doing.  The Story was more historical--while Grace is more philosophical.  Max reveals the truth behind what grace is all about.  For those of you wondering if you're going to heaven or not, read this book.  It will put your mind at ease to learn more about this grace-based God. 5/5

Grace -More than we deserve, greater than we imagine

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