Witch and Wizard Series by James Patterson


Witch and Wizard Series by James Patterson
This is in no way able to compete with the Harry Potter series, but if you are a Harry Potter fan, this teen series might entice you.  I did read the whole series, but I thought the first book was by far the best.  It was creative and a new author for me, but I felt like the cheese factor was just too great to get into the rest of the series.  Quick reads, and I kept pursuing them hoping for something big, but I felt like it kind of fizzled out.  Good weekend trip read, but the more you read, the goofier it gets.  I would recommend the first book--the rest, I could have lived without.

1. Witch and Wizard 3.5/5 (old review here)
2. The Gift 3/5
3. The Fire 3/5
4. The Kiss  2/5

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