Sesame Street Birthday Party

I set out 10 toddler centers around the house so that the kids could have something to do. It worked well having the little ones occupied in various places around the house. When they came in all I told them was that there were 10 activities and they could do them in any order.  Turned out great!

Center 1: Color with Zoe (crayons, printable coloring pages)

Center 2: Bert's Hats (party hats, Sesame Street stickers)

Center 3: Oscar's Tatoos (tatoos, wipes)

Center 4: Grover's Super Food (Cookie Monster cookies, Slimey's sour gummies, Dorothy's goldfish, fruit and veggies)

Center 5: Elmo's Cupcakes (Red icing, cupcakes, gumdrops, chocolate twizzlers, marshmallows)

Center 6: Hooper's Store (recycled food boxes and cans, printable labels, price tag stickers)

Center 7: Dorothy's Fish Bowl (Water table)
Center 8: Ernie's Bathtub (kiddie pool, butterfly nets, rubber duckies)

Center 9: Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss (cardboard box, beanbags, Cookie Monster printable)
Center 10: Big Bird's Bubbles (bucket, bubbles, large bubble wands)

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