DIY: Create your own Craft Corner

Just because you don't have an extra bedroom doesn't mean you can't have your own craft space!

EXHIBIT A: The corner of our master bedroom.  Books and dvds and a lounge chair.  This is usually what this corner looks like when you have a toddler.  We never used the chair and the accessibility to H made me crazy.  So after we gave the room a makeover (will post later), I moved all of this junk to drawers and other rooms to make space for my sewing machine(s!).


LABEL EVERYTHING.  It'll keep you organized and clean up a breeze.  You don't need a fancy machine, this is made from a notepad and Target dollar bin letter stickers.

BARGAIN SHOP: Yard sales, thrift stores.  Find used storage containers for cheap.

REUSE AND RECYCLE:  Jars and containers made great storage.

BUY A GREAT BASKET: Baskets are a must! 

EXHIBIT B: The 1979 bar closet.  Cool, but not really.  We have a fridge and cabinets.  So the bar wasn't a necessity.  Plus those wall mirrors had to go.  You may not have a cool bar like ours, but maybe you have a closet you could convert either in the hall or a bedroom.  STEP 1: Take the door off.  Junior will love to open and close it to visit you and will make craft time a headache.

1721 Bedford Oaks Drive, Bedford, TX 76021 Home for sale - MLS #11776611


CHILDPROOF LOW AREAS: In this case, I threw random craft supplies in boxes and shoved them under the countertop. I added locks to the cabinets to avoid a carpet full of glitter.
KEEP LABELING!  If you have a hobby, sort by materials, or if you want to keep to a schedule like me, I labeled each bin a weekday and tossed in materials needed to complete each day's project.

BE CREATIVE WITH SPACE: I cut up an over the door shoe rack to use the wall space for storage.

HAVE AN IDEA BOARD: Any notes you have will be lost if you're a creative person--most of us are messy!--so get a place to hang them up.

SHELVES ARE YOUR FRIEND: I even added a a tension rod tied to brackets to create extra storage for hanging items.

FIND A DESK TO FIT IN YOUR CLOSET SPACE: In this case, we just removed the sink and replaced the countertop.

ADD PERSONALITY: Enjoy being you in your space!

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