Firefly Lane and Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
I discovered this novel on my Kindle and decided to try a new author.  I loved the conversational tone of the author's style and felt drawn into the story right away.   Firefly Lane is about two girls that live near each other and become friends as kids.  The remainder of the story is of their experiences in college and beyond.  It was a great read about two friends and the struggles of life.  Fly Away is the sequel and I can't say much without giving away the first book's plot.  3.5/5

SPOILER: Just FYI, I usually read novels where the worst thing that happens is an affair or runaway teen, but these books were a little more intense.  Parts of the books deal with child abuse.  I usually stop reading books that deal with this stuff because it gives me bad dreams, but since it wasn't the main story, I got past it and enjoyed the overall story.

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