Medical Play Doll Gown Tutorial

Make a few of these to send to Cook Children's Medical Center for patients undergoing treatment.  These gowns fit medical dolls to comfort the children and to explain procedures in a less threatening way.  Use this pattern, boy and girl patterns from scrap fabric, and string or bias tape for the ties. These are needed year round.  Mail them in or drop them off at:
Cook Children's Medical Center
Volunteer Services
801 Seventh Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104.

(see below)

SERGER version 
(scroll down to brown fabric pics)

1. Fold fabric down

2. Fold fabric over

3. Pin pattern against folds

4. Cut out and open

5. Cut through top fabric on fold

6. Use pinking shears to keep all edges from fraying

7. Fold over bottom gown edges approx 1/4" and sew straight stitch

8. Repeat on front gown flaps

9. Take gown arm holes and flip them inside out; sew along side edge

10. Turn right side out again and press flat with iron

11. For gown ties, use bias tape to cover raw edge of neck (see in serger example) or sew in string on ends

12. To finish, press flat with iron and cut thread strands

1. After cutting out pattern, serge arm hole edges

2. Turn inside out and serge together both sides to make arm holes

3. Secure loose ends with Fray Check

4. Open up gown and sew one line along front opening, down the bottom, then back up other side of front opening

5. Turn right side out and press flat with iron

6. Sew neck same as sewing machine version either with string or by covering raw edge with bias tape (With this tiny gown, it's easier to sew fabric to one side of tape and then fold over and sew again)

7. You're done!

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