Toddler School: September and October

Want to teach your child at home?  Try out my lesson plans for my two year old son.  Each week is a different theme and each day is a different activity.  Throughout the week I also incorporate skills to work on.

Skills: A, 1, red, circle

Make a face out of RED play dough, buttons, and googly eyes.
Read books on body parts, look for letter A.
Go visit Daddy at work, draw picture of your 1 Dad.
Look for kids to meet at a park and tell them your name.
Skills: B, 2, orange, triangle

Read books on farm animals, look for letter B. More B activities here.
Go to a local petting zoo or farm, count groups of 2.
Find critters at the park.  Take pictures them to label for a book.
Skills: C, 3, yellow, square

Make stained glass leaves, point out SQUARES in windows.
Paint an apple stamped bag using red, green and YELLOW.
Read books on fruit, look for letter C.
Collect leaves, sticks and acorns to sort in 3 buckets.

Skills: D, 4, green, oval

Paint a pumpkin using 4 colors.
Read books on pumpkins and fall, look for letter D. More D activities here.
Go to the grocery store and get ingredients to make pumpkin bread with mommy!
Search a pumpkin patch and find a GREEN gourd.

Skills: E, 5, blue, heart
Paint with cars using BLUE paint.
Read books on transportation, look for letter E. More E activities here.
Go on a carousel or a train ride.  Take a picture of your trip and put it in handmade  HEART frame.
Ride bikes or go on a stroller walk, collect 5 objects on your trip.
Skills: F, 6, purple, star
Read books on nocturnal animals, look for letter F and pictures of STARS.  More F activities here.
Go to a local place to see bats fly at dusk (places in Texas) or watch them on Nat Geo Kids.
Look for spider webs.  Save one on a piece of black paper sprayed with hairspray or spray adhesive.
Skills: G, 7, black, rectangle

Read books on Halloween, look for letter G. More G activities here.
Go trick or treating! Count out 7 pieces of candy. Then watch a Halloween show! (Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, and Berenstein Bears )
Sort your candy wrappers into colors.  Can you find red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and BLACK?

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