Top 10 Baby Items

So every time I meet a pregnant friend, they ask me what the best purchases are for their baby.  It seems all my suggestions are for keeping baby entertained, but a relaxed mommy and a happy baby make for a good day.  So here are my personal top ten:

1. Swing: I recommend getting one that swings front to back and side to side.  This way you can see which way your baby prefers.  H hated the swing until I bought one that could go side to side.  Then we were all in heaven.

2. Pack n Play: Get one that converts from a bassinet to play pen.  I kept H in our room in the bassinet until he was ready to convert to a crib.  I found that the changing station was more of a pain because it was angled and H would roll to the side.  We ended up using a blanket on the bed for nighttime changes. When he was more mobile, I used it in the bathroom for him to play in when I took a shower and for a travel bed.

3. Jumper: We couldn't use this until H could support his head, but I started using it at four months!  I put blankets behind his back to hold him up and a pillow under his feet so he could touch the floor.  He loved being able to use it!

4. Night Light: This doubles as a way to get baby to sleep and worked as a night light for nighttime diaper changes.  It plays music, has nature sounds and the screen moves.  It also has a separate light button.  When H moved to his crib, we used this to help him sleep at night.  A MUST in our family.

5. Baby Monitor: This is great because you can take it to any room you need or even outside if you want to sit on the back porch.  I figured I'd be too paranoid using a video monitor, so I opted for the audio one.  Then I just left his door opened a crack so I could check when I was worried.

6. Velcro Swaddle Blanket or Swaddle Pod: H was a wiggler and could get out of any blanket wrap, so the swaddle pods worked great.  He slept longer when he was wrapped up tight.

7. Bath Tub with Sling: Newborns aren't supposed to sit in the water yet, so this convertible bathtub with a sling is perfect.  This way you can rinse the baby without him sitting in the water. 

8. Baby Einstein Videos: These saved us many nights when H was wide awake and wouldn't stop crying.  We'd put this on and it was like a switch was flipped.  He loved these videos.  What a life saver!

9. Play Mat: Great for practicing motor skills and tummy time!  Get one with lights and music and you'll be set!

10.Baby Carrier: When you don't want to lug around a stroller, this is the way to go.  I liked the Moby wrap for comfort, but if you don't want to spend all that time tying it up, try the Baby Bjorn.

**If you have a baby with reflux, check out my previous post with reflux-related products here

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  1. Oh my gosh, our pack n play had the same issue with the diaper change portion. It was angled so he always rolled to the side! We do the diaper changes on our bed too (we have a tall bed so no bending over!)


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