Movie Review: The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

I went out for a girl's night last weekend and watched the second Hunger Games movie: Catching Fire.  I had not read the book, but had seen the previous movie and was not disappointed.  The premise of the movie is that each year, one boy and one girl are chosen from each district (poor communities) to compete in the Capitol's (rich leaders) Hunger Games.  It is a fight to the death and streamed live on TV as a reminder of past district rebellions against the Capitol.  The first book/movie is the background of the Hunger Games and the main character's battle of being chosen as this year's District 12 Girl.  The second book/movie is the beginning of a revolution; the "enough is enough" spark that is ignited from book one. I enjoyed both because I was intrigued by the connections and implications it has for us in the real world, the elite and the impoverished.  What is our duty as humans to other humans?  What is our form of the Hunger Games?  Both movies contained action, the second contained more.  I enjoyed each one but thought the second was better.  Watch/read it if you like: teen fiction or revenge movies.
The Hunger Games 3.5/5
Catching Fire 4/5

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