Toddler School: November and December

Skills: H, 8, white, pentagon.

Make a lion craft out of noodles and a WHITE paper plate.
Make animal pictures out of your fingerprints on a shaped piece of paper. Read books on zoo animals, look for letter H.
More H activities here.
Take a day trip to the zoo!
Put animal stickers on a PENTAGON paper.

Create an animal search game using 8 animals.

(or your state)
Skills: I, 9, brown, diamond

Glue 9 pieces of yellow tissue paper on a Yellow Rose of Texas.

Paint a Texas state flag using red, white and blue.

Read books on Texas, look for letter I.
More I activities here.
Go around your town searching for BROWN objects (buildings, signs, trash bins, etc.) Play a shape matching game.  Include the Texas star and a DIAMOND.
Skills: J, 10, pink, hexagon

Make your family out of Popsicle sticks. Use them to make a shape game.  Try making a HEXAGON.

Make a family tree out of your painted hand prints. Read books on families, look for letter J.
More J activities here.
Go visit someone in your family today. Make them a PINK card. Look through photo albums and find 10 different family members.
Skills: K, 11, tall and short

Make SHORT and TALL turkeys out of a toilet paper roll and a paper plate.

Paint a turkey using your hand prints. Read books on Thanksgiving, look for letter K.
More K activities here.
Go to the store and help mommy shop for Thanksgiving dinner! Go on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt as a family. Look for 11 items.
Skills: L, 12, soft and rough

Make a silly face with this printable game.
Paint on a big piece of paper.  Trace your body and cut it out.

Read books on your body, look for letter L.
More L activities here.
Go to a local tumbling class or play date at the gym. Play “Where’s that body part?” with stickers. Name 12 parts and talk about SOFT and ROUGH (daddy’s beard, etc.)
Skills: M, 13, stop and go

Make a friendship necklace out of 13 colored noodles.

Paint a picture and mail it to a friend. Read books on friends, look for letter M.
More M activities here.
Do a Thomas and Friends picture search with a friend. Play “Red Light, Green Light” with a friend to practice STOP and GO.
Skills: N, 14, hot and cold

Make snowflakes out of 14 marshmallows.
Use white paint and cups to make snowman pictures. Read books on winter, look for letter N.
More N activities here.
Go to a coffee shop and order hot chocolate. Talk about HOT and COLD. Create a snow sensory bin and search for hidden objects.
Skills: O, 15, run and walk

Make a cotton ball Santa.
Make a Christmas card of your Mistle-toes.
Read books on Christmas, look for letter O.
More O activities here.
Go look at Christmas lights with your family.  Don’t forget hot chocolate!  Practice WALKING and RUNNING.

Help your child complete a Christmas dot-to-dot to the number 15.
Skills: P, 16, up and down

Make noise makers for New Year’s Eve. Practice shaking them UP and DOWN.
Paint New Year flags.
Count down the New Year and start from 16!
Read books on months, look for letter P.
More P activities here.
Go buy a new calendar today! Find the objects in this New Year’s hidden picture puzzle.

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