Christmas Travel Activity Book

Christmas Travel Activity Book

You Need: (I found everything at Walmart)

  • 3 ring binder
  • pencil holder or gallon Ziploc bag
  • laminator (only $25!) OR card stock
  • sticky Velcro dots (clear works best)
  • felt sheets
  • foam sheets (I used the sticky back ones--they save time)
  • quart sized Ziploc bags
  • Sharpie
  • hole punch
  • construction paper
  • square of scrap fabric
  • dry erase crayons or markers
  • alphabet stickers
  • large Popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • puffy stickers

Front Cover: Use a 3 ring binder to hold your activities.  Store extra pieces in a pencil holder.  I added a colorful page to the sheet protector to add an extra activity.  Quiz your toddler while waiting: Point to the Santa.  Can you find two presents?  Where's Rudolph?

Page 1: Nativity Puzzle--Print this free puzzle, use card stock OR laminator.  Put the puzzle on a foam sheet. Add velcro dots and label the numbers.

Page 2: Mr. Potato Head page--use this free template.  Laminate OR use card stock for head page.  On opposite page, use sticky foam paper to attach a sheet of felt.  Make sure to have rough side of Velcro on playing pieces so they stick to felt.

Pages 3 and 4: I found these puffy Christmas stickers at Walmart. I stuck a set of stickers on a foam sheet and added the rough side of the Velcro (clear looks best) Then I stuck the second set on felt and cut around them.  No Velcro needed on those because the felt sticks. 

Page 5: Nativity Character Puzzles.  I assembled these just like the Nativity Scene Puzzle.  I added matching stamps on each puzzle piece to help identify its group. I also Velcro-ed the bag to the opposite page for easy access.

Page 6: Nativity Shadow Matching--Laminate the shadow pictures to a piece of construction paper.  Add Velcro to each picture. Laminate the individual colored pieces, adding Velcro to the back.

Page 7: Laminate two coloring book pages to a piece of construction paper.  Use dry erase crayons or markers and a piece of scrap fabric.

Page 8: Nativity Scene Figures--Use this template to create a Nativity scene.  I only used about half of the figures because there were so many.  I just laminated the Nativity page and added five Velcro dots on the ground and two in the sky.  

Page 9: Christmas Shadow Matching--Laminate the shadow page and individual playing pieces.  Attach Velcro.

Page 10: This page is my favorite!  Create a felt board by adding a sheet of felt to a sticky foam sheet.  I cut out foam shapes for two bags: pieces to assemble a Christmas tree and a snowman.

Extra activities for page 10: Picture Puzzles--print your child's favorite characters, cut into strips and glue onto large Popsicle sticks.  Label numbers in order.  They won't slide off the felt page which helps while traveling!

Extra activity for page 10: Christmas Memory Game--Cut out and glue game pieces to construction paper and laminate.  Cut out each piece and take turns finding matches!

Back Cover: Attach an ABC page and store alphabet stickers to match while traveling.

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