Craft for Charity: Newborn T-Shirt Cap

I make a lot of t-shirt blankets so I usually have a pile of t-shirt sleeves.  I recently found the perfect project for these scraps from a book called, Craft Hope.

Follow this tutorial on how to make a newborn cap from your t-shirt sleeves.  Donate these to:

PATTERN PIECE: print on regular 8.5 x11" paper.

STEP 1: If you ARE NOT using the shirt for anything, You can make two hats from one shirt.  Take the pattern and line it up on each sleeve and cut out through both layers.

STEP 1: If you ARE using the main part of the t-shirt, just cut off the sleeves.

STEP 2: Then cut along along the seams to open up the sleeves.

STEP 3: Lay right sides together and line up on finished edge.  Then draw a line to create a straight seam.

STEP 4: Sew along line and open.
STEP 5: Then fold in half perpendicular to the sewn edge.

**If your sleeves aren't big enough to fit the pattern, just sketch it as close as you can.

STEP 6: Then pin the pattern and cut a 1/2" seam.

STEP 7: Serge or sew around the line.

STEP 8: Turn inside out and tie a knot on the top.  You're done!

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