5 Tips for Beginner Crafters

These are 5 phrases I hear all the time from people who want to be crafty but feel like they can't.  Here's my advice on how to get past your fears and start crafting!

1. I can't sew!
Use a glue gun, scissors and tape for everything--Here are three examples that look sewn, but don't have one stitch!
Create these no-sew drapes
Fabric-covered mini bulletin boards
Make a scarf from a t-shirt

2. I don't have hours of free time!
There are tons of quick projects you can do--Here are three I found on Pinterest by typing in "quick crafts"
Paint clothespins and stick magnet tape to the back for easy fridge magnets
Create crayon initial art for a teacher
Make an earring holder
3. Crafting costs too much!
Dollar Tree, Walmart and Joann Fabric 40-50% off coupons are my go-tos

4. I'm not creative!
Welcome to the internet--where everything is thought up for you!
5. My project didn't turn out as cute as the picture!
Who cares?  Most of the time people won't even know unless you point out the flaws.  Glue guns and white out are your friends.  If it's so terrible you can't use it, laugh it off and post it to CRAFTFAIL.com for others to enjoy.

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