Movie Review: Man of Steel

It's been awhile since the new Superman movie came out, but we just bought it on Blu-Ray last month so I thought I'd post a review. I've never been a fan of Superman movies even though I grew up watching them, so this was my husband's choice for date night.  I fell in love with the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan because of the "realness"he created.  Batman was supposed to be just a regular man fueled by his passion for change, except he had an inheritance of unlimited wealth. The Batman story had links of personal battles we face in the real world, overcoming trauma, fear of terrorists, wanting to change the world for the I had high expectations for Nolan's take on Superman.  While I would give the Batman Trilogy a 5/5, I would give Man of Steel a lower score even though I felt it was the most "realistic" of the Superman movies.  However, it still had cheese factor to me because Clark's family is from another planet and he has super powers.  But I'm not sure how you can make that "not cheesy" in my eyes so I'm a tough critic in that sense.  I thought Henry Cavill and Amy Adams did a great job, but the villain didn't seem as scary enough so I wasn't on the edge of my seat as I was with the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Worth seeing if you like Superhero movies, 3.5/5

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