Easy Organization Tips

Feel like all you do is clean up messes?  Here are some quick tips on getting your house more organized:
I don't have a separate playroom, so I use these cubbies in the living room.  Green baskets from Dollar Tree, cubbies and cloth baskets from Target
I also have fabric covered diaper boxes (just use a glue gun!) to store even more.

Baskets for blankets (from Target). 
Baskets for kid books (used a gift basket).
I have a cabinet just for my toddler's kitchen stuff. I used baskets from The Dollar Tree.
I also used a basket to store our medicine that always ends up in the kitchen. 
I used more Dollar Tree baskets to store activities I use with my toddler that I don't want him to have access to: paint, markers, magnets and puzzles, play dough...
For the laundry room, I use old storage containers (thrift stores) to sort different cleaning supplies: dusting, floors, laundry, batteries, light bulbs... 
Keep organized with laundry baskets (from Target): white and dark clothes
For all those random outdoor toys, I used a gardening basket.  It is cloth and bends to fit under this table and so that my toddler can reach into it easily (I think this was from Walmart or Target). I also used old coffee cans to store pool toys, sidewalk chalk, and bug spray. 
Bathtime toys are stored in these Dollar Tree baskets with holes in the bottom.
This cheap drawer set from Walmart helps me organize my toddler's bathroom supplies. 
For random small games like Dominoes and cards, I used a file box from Walmart. 
Elmo holds another bucket of books from the Dollar Tree.
In H's room, I hid stuffed animals in another basket under his play table. 
I found this cart at a yard sale for $10 and I used an old entertainment system we weren't using to store random big toys. 
These baskets are at the perfect height for H to get his own diaper and wipes and sock and shoes when I ask him to.  (Dollar Tree)
For storing old clothes, I use old diaper boxes.
Shelves are great for using vertical storage space: These are for my craft room (from Home Depot). 
More shelves for my sewing desk from Home Depot.
And for my husband's stuff all over his desk...more shelves from Home Depot.
And just in case you were feeling like my house must be clean all the time, no worries, I still have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink...any takers?

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