Toddler School: March and April

Skills: Y, review 1-20, grow and shrink

Make an apple tree craft.
Paint a pot to plant a seed in later this week.Read books on seeds, look for the letter Y. More Y activities here.Go to a local nursery and pick out seeds to plant at home. Count out 20 seeds.
Create a garden sensory bin. Use water beads and watch them GROW and SHRINK.
Skills: Z, 1-20, float and sink

Make a flower craft. Count out 20 buttons.
Paint flowers using soda bottles.Read books on spring, look for the letter Z.  More Z activities here. Go to the Botanical Gardens. Take pictures of the flowers to make a book of colors. 
Find ABCs in this spring sensory bin. Fill a bucket with water and watch your toys FLOAT or SINK.

Skills: review letters and 1-20, girl and boy

Make a rainbow craft.
Paint a shamrock picture.Read books on St. Patrick's Day, look for a GIRL and BOY. Make a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt around your house.

Skills: review letters and 1-20, high and low

Make a teeth craft out of marshmallows.

"Brush" a tooth using paint. Put paint HIGH and LOW on the picture.Read books on teeth, look for the letter T.   Count your teeth.Explore your mouth with these teeth games online. Put stickers on this tooth brushing chart.
Skills: review letters and 1-20, in and out

Create a weather wheel.
Paint a weather picture.Read books on weather, look for the letter W. Check the weather outside. Talk about going IN and OUT.Play outside today.  Use this chart for ideas.Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
Skills: review letters and 1-20, melt and freeze

Make a caterpillar craft.
Paint a paper plate ladybug.Read books on insects, practice counting groups of bugs.Go to the dollar store to buy plastic bugs. FREEZE them in an ice cube tray.  Watch them MELT outside.
Collect bugs in a bug finder.  Use a magnifying glass and the internet to identify them!
Skills: review letters and 1-20, push and pull

Make a pet turtle craft.  PUSH and PULL your turtle.
Paint a pet rock.Read books on cats and dogs.  Pretend you are a family pet.Go to the pet store. Find items for tomorrow's sensory bin.
Skills: review letters and 1-20, sweet and sour

Make a texture craft.

Paint with tea bags.Read books on senses, name body parts. Go on an outing to a fair, the zoo, a local favorite.  Talk about how your senses are working while you're out.
Make a food sensory bin. Include things that are SWEET and SOUR.

Skills: review letters and 1-20, wet and dry

Make a lightning bug craft.

Paint a campfire.Read books on camping, name the colors in your books.Make plans to go camping this weekend!
Watch the difference between lighting a fire with WET and DRY wood.

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